CASSIS TROTTINE Découvrez Marseille, Cassis et la Ciotat en trottinette électronique



Electric scooters are available to all ages 11 to 90.

As a state certified guide and speaking English, I will accompany you on all these tours:
Cassis trotinne to Cassis (13260) in vineyards
Cassis trottinne to La Ciotat ( 13600) via train (6 minutes)
Cassis trottinne to Marseille (13002) by train (20 minutes) or by bus (25 minutes)
Cassis trotinne under the full moon (13260)
The group will not exceed 9 people.

The tours will be made according to the weather and according to a schedule.

In case of bad weather, I would propose a postponement of the activity or a refund of the expenses incurred.

All the tours start from Cassis (13260) under the castle, place Montmorin.

Many stops will be made on the main points of interest.

State certified guide

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