CASSIS TROTTINE Découvrez Marseille, Cassis et la Ciotat en trottinette électronique












My name is Pascale and I am the Manager of “Cassis Trottine“.
You would say, what do you mean by “Cassis Trottine”?

Let me tell you:
I have an atypical background and a wealth of experiences. After having been a liberal nurse and President of “Cassis à vélo” for 4 years, I am now embarking on a new electric adventure with scooters.

Passionate about nature, history and photography, the idea was born to open this new activity and organize guided tours.

I continue with the desire to transmit the joy of being able to visit the ports, cities and natural sites so rich and beautiful of our coastline without effort by a clean, silent and environmentally friendly means of transport.

Dynamic and playful, I will be happy to guide you, reveal the history and help you discover the heritage of our so beautiful region.

Should you like to book your “Cassis Trottine” Tour or ask any question, please call me on my mobile  33 6 26 04 05 28 or

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.